God is knocking on your door

Nowdays in USA, surounded by family an friends. Our family very happy to share with the loved ones. We participate in the baptism of Fernando Enrique Andres, always bringing joy to every space with he´s smile. Claudia the God-mother, very proud.

God is knocking on your door inviting to love and serve those in need. Pope Francis tell us: charity is born of the call of a God who continues to knock on our doors, the door of all people, to invite us to love, to compassion, to service of one another. Jesus keeps knocking on our doors , the doors of our lives. He doesnt do this by magic, with special effects, with flashing lights and fireworks. Jesus keeps knocking on our doors in the faces of our neighbors, in the faces of those at our side. Help as much as you can, any help can do.

Respect diversity. In a world which faces the globalization of indifference, a world in which the por, the weak, the refuge are considered disposable, the church in welcoming the stranger among us, seeks to create a culture of encounter, because faith is an encounter with Jesus, and we must do what Jesus does, encounter others, as Pope Francis says.

“Que importa que tengas en contra al mundo entero con todos sus poderes, Tú … ¡adelante!. Aunque me vea cercado de enemigos, no flaqueará mi corazón, Dios contigo” Camino 428.

Fuente: http://www.floridacatholic.org, January 2017

instagram: claudia.clavier

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