now Mexico

Now Mexico 🇲🇽, in the meanwhile, reading from a magazine in the AirPort, something to think about and analize, “materialistic people are also the least satisfied”, some of the most importante achievements in life include acquiring material possessions, are also the least satisfied with life.

Our Kids are usually better off doing things rather than owing them. Eating ice cream, traveling and social occasions can bring deep satisfaction over time, long after they occur. When the day is over and the Kids are discussing the things they did with their friends, the highlights are reinforced and any hassles are pushed to the back of their brains, where they’ll soon be forgotten.

The  greatest predictor of human happiness is the quantity and quality of our social relationships. Stories are gifts that cannot be seen or touched, but can be felt for a lifetime. Ideas taken from American Way magazine, Feb 2017, pag 35, by Bret Graff.

Also some tips for flight and easy seat exercises, taken from the same magazine, pag 46 and 88.

Nos encomendamos a Dios todas las veces que podemos, no solo al viajar o en caso de una necesidad, siempre nos escucha e ilumina.

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